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Bring out the virtual champagne and raise an imaginary glass with me, because the official relaunch of my brand is here!

I am so excited to show you all a behind-the-scenes look at everything that went into this and give you five of the lessons I gleaned from this journey. It’s been months of brainstorming, vision-boarding, strategizing, and iterating, but we’ve finally made it!

My Inspiration

The inspiration for this rebrand was simple: After two years of working independently with amazing clients from organizations of all sizes and industries, I had full confidence that being a copywriter was the right fit for me.

And because my favorite clients were brand strategists and branding agencies, I knew that the website and branding I’d built on my own were not going to serve me in the next years of my career.

I’d already spent a lot of time thinking about the sort of work I excelled at, the industries that I spoke effortlessly to, and the kinds of clients with whom I collaborated enthusiastically. 

I was committed to rebranding to the best of my ability, with intentionality and a commitment to excellence, even if it took longer or cost more. 

I wanted to approach this project in a way that very few people do: rather than building an identity solely around my client personas, I wanted my brand to be personal. After a lot of thought, I decided to infuse every element of my brand with aspects that were true to my tastes, not to someone else’s, with the hope that like-minded organizations would be drawn to my unique space in a crowded digital landscape.

My Visual Brand Identity 

However, I still had a brand strategy background and needed to be smart. I knew that striking a balance between my personal tastes and strategic positioning in mind was going to be difficult. 

With that in mind, I took my time finding the right brand strategist and designer for me. I stumbled across Morgan Franzon of Lagom Creative and fell in love with her emphasis on modern yet timeless aesthetics.

Luckily for me, she offered tailored services for strategy, branding, and web design. This allowed her to develop a strong understanding of my preferences and vision for the project, creating continuity from the first sketches to the final product.

Morgan was able to draw out the essence of my vision for detail-driven, artful design elements, which you’ll see reflected in the custom serif-font logo, jewel tones, and touches of luxury, even down to the fabric choices in my brand photoshoot or the pens and books that I pulled from my personal collection.

Hannah McKelson's writing, copywriting, and content writing primary and secondary logos.

Logo Design by Lagom Creative

Hannah McKelson writer brand color palette

Color Palette by Lagom Creative

Hannah McKelson copywriting and content writing brand strategy moldboard

Moodboard by Lagom Creative

The Lessons 

Pursuing a rebrand and relaunching my business has been no small feat, so it’s no surprise I’ve learned a few lessons along the way that might help you out on your own journey. 

01 If you can currently afford it or have time to save up, work with professionals

In a digital landscape where DIYing our LinkedIn headshots with a white bedroom wall and a tripod, and where fabulous tools like Canva allow us to channel our inner designer, working with a professional designer can seem like an unnecessary expense. After all, there are so many templates and web hosts out there. Can’t you just do it yourself?

Yes and no.

When I first started out, I utilized WordPress templates and created a Canva logo. I’m no designer, but do enjoy it as a layperson, and this enabled me to present my services as professional while saving up to invest in the real deal. 

However, this was nothing compared to the experience of working with Lagom Creative and I cannot recommend enlisting a professional brand designer and website designer enough. 

Ultimately, the no-brainer best decision for me was to choose to invest multiple thousands of dollars in my copywriting business because I had confidence that I loved this line of work and could maintain a consistent stream of clients. That made this investment something that would pay for itself and then some, not some shot in the shot-in-the-dark decision to flush my money.

02 Be prepared for the long haul 

I first started to submit inquiries for brand strategy work in December 2022. I found Morgan in late January 2023, and here we are nearly eight months later, only now seeing the full scope of the work we’ve been doing. 

If you want to do something exceptionally, it is going to take time. My strategist and designer’s process was seamless, but feedback and editing rounds still had turnaround time. My own copywriting was waylaid by the fact that providing your cornerstone for your service for yourself is hard (like, really hard). And I had unforeseen delays (in my case, it was a broken laptop right before launch week that prevented me from being able to provide my last-minute feedback). The moral of the story is: don’t rush any stage of the process and build in wiggle room. It’s a marathon, not a race.

Photo by Elisa Colón Sosa

03 Stay agile 

The process of developing your brand identity and partnering with a designer to create your website isn’t “go, go, go” 24/7. Chances are you’re still maintaining your client roster and have some deliverables of your own that you need to create to complete the project. 

The key for me was staying agile throughout the weeks and months leading up to my relaunch. During my downtime, I focused on creating blog content, case studies, and LinkedIn posts, while also expanding my network and restructuring my internal systems. That allowed me to build out my digital presence and set me up to tap new potential markets that would be interested in my fresh positioning. 

04 Invest in a brand photoshoot 

In my opinion, investing in professional brand photos isn’t just a personal decision: it’s a must-have to present yourself as high-value to prospective clients. After all, you could have the most beautiful web design imaginable, but if your photos are lackluster, the entire site falls flat.

I personally worked with a dear friend of mine, Elisa Colón Sosa, whose artistic vision and editing style aligned with the luxurious and verdant aesthetic I was trying to achieve. She helped me select locations, develop a comprehensive shot list, consulted on my styling choices, and made sure not a single strand of hair was out of place. 

In addition to the robust selection of Elisa’s photos that I have to choose from for my website, blogs, and social media, I also supplement with stock photos and videos. Starting with a professional shoot means that I can compare the stock images side by side to ensure they match stylistically and add to the cohesiveness of my own brand.

Hannah McKelson copywriting in the San Francisco Bay Area

Photo by Elisa Colón Sosa

05 Don’t be shy 

Even if you’re a small business, creating buzz and excitement around your brand is still critical. Don’t shy away from teasing sneak peeks of your relaunch, whether that’s a glimpse at your mood board or at site mockups. 

The most impactful platform that I shared this journey on was LinkedIn, where I created short to medium-form content talking about the different goals and challenges of this project. This more personable style, paired with show-stopper sneak peeks of my site, connected with my current network and attracted new potential contacts. 

I think the greatest thing about shifting away from being a wallflower, at least when it comes to your brand, is that a stellar rebrand will give you the confidence and clarity to be bold about what you do and who you want to do it for. It’s that courage that makes it possible for clients to find you!

(And here’s the crazy thing: shouting from the rooftops about my new brand and career aspirations helped me land a dream client. You never know who might see your posts and realize that you are great for their team!)

The Future of My Brand

With a new digital home (this website!), gorgeous branding that reflects my service quality, and systems in place to support my work, I could not be more pleased with the direction my business is headed. 

I’m thrilled to welcome new clients and continue serving my current ones, helping them create impactful copy that supports their business architecture and helps them grow. 

If you’re looking for the right copywriter to partner with on your next project and think we might be a good fit, don’t hesitate to check out my Services or drop me a line

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