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Hi, I’m Hannah.

Content Writer

& Copywriter

who is here to put artfulness back into writing

I believe that                         and strategy go

That collaboration and efficiency are mutually reinforcing, and that the way to stand out in saturated markets is to be 100% true to the essence of what you do.

Most importantly, I believe that writing is an essential component of an impactful brand presence and that having the right writer in your corner makes all the difference.


hand in hand...

I believe that

and strategy go hand in hand...

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I'm Hannah Mckelson

Writer by day, reader by night, and your ally for projects rooted in the written word.

I partner with business professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for strategy-driven, passion-infused writing that will elevate their brands and resonate with their ideal clientele. 

Career Wordsmith 

Silicon Valley Expat  

Serif Font Lover 

Oxford Comma Apologist 

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Looking to bring a creative edge and razor-sharp strategy to your next project? You’re in the right place.

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"Hannah embodies what it means to be a genuine wordsmith. 

She is a rising star in the industry.”

- Jon Simkins, Editor and Staff Writer 

A low fantasy steeped in Celtic mythology and folklore, written for young and not-so-young adults.

Psst… I’ve been working on something

Debut     Novel

coming soon

Debut Novel

I might just be the writer for you. 

Looking for the right writer to bring onboard for your next project? 

Someone who can artfully integrate your vision into the written word, implement a process that will guide the project every step of the way, and compel your target audience to take action? 

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