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It’s a special treat when I get to work with professionals who I held a pre-existing admiration for. After hearing Helena Brantley moderate a panel at PageBreak, a multi-day panel hosted by the Publishing Professionals Network (PPN), I was struck by her poise, graciousness, and razor-sharp intellect.

Luckily for me, I had a chance to introduce myself and talk with Helena about the intersection between publicity and copywriting, and, even more luckily, found out that she was looking for a strong writer to finalize the copy for her new website. 


"She is a rising star, and is no doubt primed to leave her mark on the industry."

"As someone used to driving the work I do with authors and publishers, it was such a delight to sit in the passenger’s seat and have someone else drive– someone who I grew to trust from the start to the end of this project.

I knew exactly what was happening and what was needed from me at every point, and was struck by the thoughtfulness of her client experience. Hannah’s combination of skill, process, and thoughtfulness really helped me move from being stuck and unsure on different pieces to having a final product that I was really pleased with. I will enthusiastically hire her again.”

– Helena Brantley, Publicist

This is a space where ideas meet action, concepts become concrete, and the intangible becomes rooted in a reality that you’ve spent your career building.